Up yours Skagerak-ripoff-guys !

I just talked to Fred W. Jenssen about his Tiki Navigator software. Jenssen is a Norwegian softwareprogrammer, navigator, designer and sole owner of Tiki. I e-mailed him about the possible combination of pc-navigation and AIS. And a couple of days later he called back and said he would incorporate AIS in an updated version of Tiki during spring of 2007. Besides – he thought I could buy an AIS receiver – I am not sure that he ment a combined AIS transponder and receiver – but at least a receiver, for more or less 2000 n.kr.

1/2 price

The complete software from Tiki, chart and GPS-antenna cost less than 2500 n.kr. Even if you add the AIS-receiver – you are far off the AIS transponder and Receiver from Skagerak Marine Electronics AS. In fact the complete sett costs less than half the price of the Skagerak Marine Electronics AS AIS-equipment.

30 years of sailing

Finally something unexpensive and smart for yachts. And I trust Mr. Jenssen, he’s been around sailboats the last 30-years. When he says his Navigator and PC performed nicely through a gale in Biscay aboard his Sweden something yacht, I know it’s more than good enough for me.

I hope you see this blog you Skagerak Marine guys!

The Kaskelot depiction takes you topside