The hull is scrubbed as clean as is possible when you are alone and the water is turned off so not to freeze, the large spinnaker is patched, taped and repaired, the new carbon fibre Genoa 2 is repaired by the sailmaker – in short Hot Shot Kaskelot Salt is ready to tackle double-O-7’s first race.

It is cold and miserable, but it is also lots of fun to race this time of year. The race it self is not a big deal, just a couple of hours – but we might be in for a gail with hail. Last year the race had to be postponed for a week, because of a grand storm. In 2005 it both blew and snowed so that ice formed on deck.

Hot fish, bragging and beer

After the race we all assemble downtown Stavanger for hot fish-soup, beers and video commented by hot shot sailor Christen With from big town capital Oslo. It is all nice and friendly, bragging, hugging and lots of well wishes for the new year to come.
My two daughters Thale and Vilde, my brother Morten and friend Odd and two girlfriends, both named Elin, will be the hefty racers this time.

I’ll blog you all about the results and what happend at the race – even if it is bad news!


The Kaskelot takes you topside