Photo problems: This blog works best via Firefox. You can download the browser Firefox free of charge by going here. The Hot Shot Kaskelot Salt blog also works fine on Apple – but for some reason Explorer makes some of the photos move over the text. Only some photos – not all and not in any particular order. Very annoying. I don’t know why Explorer does this – except that Explorer might revenge the fact that I converted to Firefox when they change the Explorer-layout. I have tried to delete the photos and inserting them once more, I have tried to use the code.. everything is OK and looks fine – and then, bang – Explorer mixes it all up one more. In my humble opinion you are better off with Firefox no matter what you use your computer to accomplish.

Comments: Several of you readers out there in blogosphere sends me e-mail comments. It would be much more fun if you used the blog itself to comment. Partly because more readers could participate in the debate, and partly because it will increase my statistics for the blog.

One reason for using e-mail might be language. I have received German, Danish and Norwegian comments on e-mail. Feel free – use your language – but do it on the blog, please.

I write English as a selfish wish to keep my knowledge of English “bright and sharp”. Don’t let it put you off – go ahead and blurp your thing in Norwegian if you prefer.

Pages: On top of this post and to your right, you will find several pages containing more about racing, about particular regattas, about the Kaskelot Salt and equipment – and there is more to come. The pages are meant to be of a longer lasting information value than the posts. I just want you to be aware of the existence the pages.

New shots: I have enclosed more photos from the New Year Regatta (Nyttårsseilasen 2007) in Stavanger. Some of these shots are taken from other racers. It might be a test of your browser – and it might tell you the difference between a pocket camera and the real thing, about keen photographers and amateurs…..

The Kaskelot takes you topside