It has taken a few years, but now it is done. The system is ordered, payed and will be delivered by late May. In fact I will go to Oka, outside Montreal, to pick the parts up myselves.

I sure hope it will stand up to the rigorus North Sea and help us out during short handed racing. Originally I planned to go for the smallest Cape Horn system. But the vertical hold-it-all stainless steel tube was concidered too long without outboard support – so I was recommended to change the system to the more rugged Spray.

Guaranteed one circumnavigation

I am now the happy owner of a contract with Cape Horne Marine Products where they guarante the Cape Horn Self-Steering System, model Spray, will steer my Kaskelot Salt through one circumnavigation or 28.000 miles. That is some guarantee!

If all goes well I will install the system mid May and test it out during the Shetland-Race this summer. I will blog the installation and the testing.

The Kaskelot takes you topside