Salt is scrubbed, polished, given a new Teflon VC17 underbody painting, all brightworks done, new thoroughull after the crane taking her onshore ripped off the sounder, brand new TIKI-Navigator running on the computer, mainsail repaired, number 2 Genoa in line at the sailmaker for maintenance – in short she’s given three weeks of all I have regarding TLC – time, love, care and cash.

And how does she pay back for such pampering? By winning the first race of the season, of course! What else?

And we won our class by two minutes. Serious flying colours, if anyone care to ask me.

On top of this the last few days of April and the first two days of May have been wonderful. Everything is so bright green, you could envy the cows who can eat it all day. The sun has been shining for a week – the weather has in fact been so nice it has been a pleasure to do her brightwork. And Wednesday was no exception – perfect sunny afternoon with a little breeze. Not much – but enough to keep us moving.

A lazy breeze was all we could handle anyway – three girls and myselves. A few knots more wind and we would have chickened out of spinnakerreaching. However, we did have a bad start by beeing pressed over the wrong side of the start-buoy and forced to round the start-boat and reestart. We lost quite a few minutes, but I guess most racers had a bad start May 2.

Avfull start or not – when it works out in the end, all is well. If it was pure luck, a coincidence or ample sailing we will know soon enough; Sunday is a new race – a much longer and more competitive one.

The Kaskelot takes you topside