Another sunny and windy Wednesday race brought us in as number two and topping our class. The weatherforcast was a full gail from the North-West, but what we got was a light gail wearing between North and West and suberp conditions for airing our new second hand Genoa 2 in carbonfiber.

Genoa 2

It looks good and gives Salt som extra power. We have not yet found the best way to trim it. As you can see from the photos it twists out to much at the top. We might have to try moving the geno-runner uncommingly long forward to close the upper part. Such a trim should make it rounder in the front and might force oss a few points off the wind. We just have to find out.

But what we know fore sure is that a number two Genao – which sets between the number one and three, as the windforce gap was to large between the old number one and three – is a good idea. We can probably use it from 10 knots of wind and uppward to the double. The carbon fibre is much lighter and more stabel than our old dacron and dacron/mylar genoas. When trimmed it won’t budge an inch from the upper shroads -no matter how much it blows. The feeling is quite new to us.

Disgracefull start

What a nice afternoon it became – even though we once more had starting problems. It is so hard to see – and even harder to hear – the signals from the starting boat. We have to find a better way to start, even if it forces us to keep close to the starting boat to be sure we can hear the five minutes signal. The minute we lost to the winner, Marco Polo, a Norwegian Nessy 94, was lost at the start. We came close – and even passed them – during the spinnaker reach, but lost it during a fumble at the jibing mark and by beeing much to nice and defensive at the spinnaker-mark. What a shame!

Well, Next time!

The Kaskelot takes you topside