It certainly took us some time, but this Wednesday we found the trim that gets her running!

Beating Marco Polo (Norwegian Nessy 94) in mint condition for the much lighter Nessy by two minutes, is just so nice! And we are definetely topping our class. It tells us that we are able to sail Salt as hard and fast as anyone.

62 boats where out hunting the buoyes this wonderful sunny afternoon with 12 knots worth of wind. This time we hugged the start boat until we where sure that we had the 5-minute signal as clear possible. A fine start at the windward mark gave us the top position going hard on our starboard-tack. We hugged the coast as hard as we deard to get as much lift as possible. Followed by short larboard-tacks and long starboard tacks. Spinnaker came up as it should – no foals this time – nice powerreaching negative banana on layline – nice spinnaker downhaul – once more no fauls – hard tacking on top of Marco Polo to make shure she came in behind us.

Sounds easy. However, the main thing is that we did no big fuckups. The crew with the least fuckups win – that’s how it is.

The Kaskelot takes you topside