Well, its done!

I have been in Canada, found Oka, the small city and hometown of Cape Horn, got the windvane system, carried it all to Norway, installed it and got it to work.

It looks good and works perfect. I have just tried it twice, so I am not all that experienced, but so far it works good in anything above to knots of speed. I have not figrued out how to get it to work in very little wind and downwind – but it looks like it should be possible to figure that out.

Thanks to all my friends and brother who helped me out during the installation I think it all worked out well. Lots of chefs makes lots of mess, but lots of chefs generate a lot of brainpower and good solutions. Alone with my five tombs and a bunch of carrots I would have been lost.

I tell you all about the installation and tryouts later.

Next week there is the usual Wednesday race and then its off to Bergen and the Shetland Race for two hands ( with one extra at Salts tiller…)

Please read a more elaborate page about installing the Cape Horn on “Salt”. 

The Kaskelot takes you topside