Early fall is more like an end than a start. It’s a little depressing, soon school starts up, and before you know it things start becoming normal non-summer. However, first day of fall racing started up today. And whatever depressions the family crew felt about a long wet summer, became better by beating all our competitors, and most of the others to. It’s an incredible better start than coming in 4th or boring 5th.

We did work for it though. I had Salt out of the water and bottom cleaned, cruising equipment like anchor and chain is out and in the garage, sails and anything with weight is moved towards the center, and I did check the weather forecast in detail.

Still, thanks to the rest of the family we came of to a good start – not the best – but acceptable good start – made for free wind and gained it. Salt excelled at showing of her big number 1. Genoa in the 10 knot + breeze going steady 6 knots upwind – while the rather light-weight female (and one rather lightweight boy) crew kept hiking her up. Most of our competitors had to resolve to number 2. Genoa or even smaller. Sometimes masthead rigs are just great!

We even got the spinnaker up and down without much fuzz. All in all, a very good performance.

Next boat in came five minutes later. Ha! Eat it!

The Kaskelot takes you topside