We where first, but ended up second after a miserable end of season race.

What a drag. And there is nobody but the captain to blame. That don’t help much. Well, I guess when you can’t do a better start and a better choice of sails – you just don’t deserve any better. During this fall we have interchanged with the Nessy 94, Marco Polo, by being first and second. By the last race we where neck to neck with 7 points each. Alas, this time there was no interchange. A miserable mistake at the start really set us back. This combined with setting Genoa 2 instead of the much larger Genoa 1, really slowed us down. The racetrack was to short to peel the Genoa, so no. 1 was not set until after the reaching marker. Which was way to late!

Next year, guys!

I guess number two is not that bad.

However, much of our honour was won back at the very last race this season for Salt. We took part in the traditional Høstskvulpen – the Fall race, and finished parallel with the fast and furious big boats. As you can see from the photo above there was less than no wind. By share luck we found a small patch of moving air and clung to it. We finished first in our class, but lost by handicap by a minute to our closest competitor.

It’s OK. We did well, no matter what.

The Kaskelot depiction takes you topside