What a slow season so far. The weather in Stavanger – and most of the South and Western part of Norway – has been one long sunny day for a month. I don’t complain, but it would be nice if the sunny days also included a few races with more wind than a trickle.

When nothing else works, blame somebody

Somebody has to take the blame for the bad results so far. Why not the sun or my absent and unreliable mate and brother?

Salt has so far only been able to come up with thirds and fourths. The only Wednesday it has blown I was forced to singlehand. None of my trusty mates showed up for the race. I have to say though I was close to win or at least come in second. But I was forced of the finishing line with half the boat over the line by a fierce competitor coming in low on starboard tack. It was by the rules. I could do nothing but jibe out an come back. By the time I got the complete boat over the line several late coming competitors beat me to it. Fair and straight, but very frustrating. One more hand and Salt would have been first across the line. She beat them all to the weather marker, but could not hold the competitors behind during the spinnakerleg – I can’t set the symmetric spinnaker single handed when the legs are so short – so I had to watch them pass. However, Salt came hard back upwind. All in all a good race.

Bob Dyland weekend

This weekend we where supposed to sail Utsiraseilasen 2008. Last year it was postponed because of a storm, this year I had to postpone the race as a result of the lacking wind. Ugh – the result was a long weekend working in the garden.

 Well – it could have been worse. Friday Bob Dylan performed for close to 20.000 fans in Stavanger. I was among the fans and enjoyed it immensely. Not as much as a windy race, not even Dylan can compare to that – but Dylan performing Like a Rolling Stone sure helps.

The Kaskelot depiction takes you topside