Finally – two Wednesdays in a row the wind has blown more than a trickle and we have won both races. I know, it’s just a race and nothing to brag about. But still, it’s good to know that there is life in the old whale when it comes to a blow.


It is annoying to make a third or a fourth place when there is no wind at all. However, considering the competitors up front who all have brand new high tech sails and are race boats by pedigree, it is fairly nice that 30 years old Salt still hang around and sails in her handicap. It is a fact of life that something has happened the last 30 years of yacht construction. I bet Salt weights twice, if not thrice, the weight of a few of our companions. And I have missed crew a couple of races so I have had to single hand and double hand a race or two. I am telling you that she is not easy to handle alone in a blow among hard-core competitors with no faint heart for the single handler.


I am just so pleased with finally winning a few races. And this weekend we are sailing a short hand races from Saturday to Sunday with the weatherforcasters promising rain and wind – the nicest flying whale weather you can think of. The assurance of winning a race makes me optimistic about the next one.

The Kaskelot depiction takes you topside